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Letting Go

This week I noticed a common pattern showing up in many of my coaching conversations. It centered on the theme of ‘letting go.’ Many of my clients were weary and overwhelmed. They shared areas of their lives that they were … Continue reading

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Discovering Blessings in Unlikely Places

“God will not permit any troubles to come upon us, unless He has a specific plan by which great blessings can come out of the difficulty.”                             … Continue reading

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Polish Your Perspective

“In the perspective of every person lies a lens through which we may better understand ourselves.” Dr. Ellen Langer, Harvard Professor of Psychology He stood all alone on the court holding the basketball. My youngest grandchild not yet 2 years … Continue reading

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Cultivate Your Creativity

Are you stuck somewhere in your life? Stuck feels uneasy as if there is something more or something you are missing. Often when you are stuck it is because you are; looking at the problem in the same old way … Continue reading

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Safe Travel Back to Reality

So … back to the real world after an incredible Speak Up Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan this week. I am sitting here in the airport wondering how my husband and I are going to get home today. Our plane … Continue reading

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A Carrot Diary Lifestyle

My carrot diary lifestyle started when one of my coaching clients, a delightfully, free-spirited individual, wanted to know where her money was going. Like most, money seemed to disappear with small incidental purchases. And like many there was more month … Continue reading

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Inspired by the New Year

I am inspired by the start of the New Year. I want to kick it off just right. And I am still inspired six days into 2012. There is something motivating about fresh starts, clean calendar pages and renewed focus … Continue reading

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Transitioning Out of the Holidays

Yes, I know. All great holidays must end. I get that. Yet after weeks of dreaming and wishing … after days of planning and preparing … it is so hard to say good-bye to three year old hugs and the … Continue reading

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Why Call It Bug Juice?

I am so glad you asked. It all started when I was a child spending countless hours of discovery on my grandparent’s farm. I loved the family farm. After the evening meal when the heat and the day’s work were … Continue reading

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