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Letting Go

This week I noticed a common pattern showing up in many of my coaching conversations.

It centered on the theme of ‘letting go.’

Many of my clients were weary and overwhelmed. They shared areas of their lives that they were seriously thinking about delegating or deleting. As I listened what I heard was not indecision about the area of their life that needed to be released. They were very clear about the area in question.

Instead I heard a reluctance in ‘letting go’. What would others think? Who would do it if they didn’t? How could they give up some of the parts they enjoyed about the activity?

Then … when I asked how they would move forward into action they suggested spending more time with God to ask Him again if this is what He wanted them to do.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking God’s wisdom. According to James 1:5 we are supposed to ask Him when we lack wisdom and He has promised to give it to us generously.

May I share a thought here … perhaps a pattern in all of us?

Could it be that our discomfort of ‘letting go’ of something leads us to believe we have not heard from God?

Do we think that if God wants us to ‘let go’ of something that it will be easy or comfortable?

Do we confuse the peace of knowing we have heard from God with the discomfort of ‘letting go’? What do you think?





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One Response to Letting Go

  1. Pam Taylor says:

    Anne, I think you are right on target. When we hear from God, and it is hard to follow through, the temptation to keep seeking is huge! Because we forget that following hard after Him is hard! And sometimes lonely!

    Thanks for the post, Anne. Well said! YOU are a blessing!

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